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YCW hits it off in Madison, WI

Youth Cricket of Wisconsin (YCW) is conducting youth cricket coaching in Madison area. The journey is evolving with 5 interested families looking to formalize their cricket coaching for the next generation.

YCW is a non-profit organization started with an idea to give back to the community through youth sport. It was started in Milwaukee area in 2019 with 6 kids, they now have have 40+ athletes backed by team of active parents involved from day to day operations, to identify and drive all current and new initiatives. The website below has more details. (

Kashyap, the head certified coach and founder of YCW, has agreed to extend YCW initiatives in Madison area. Thanks to Pavi and Aslam from Madison Cricket Club, we have Reindahl Park ( ) available to us for Monday evening. The spring program spread locally via word of mouth. With girls and boys ages 6+ showing their interest in cricket.

The summer program is underway. With dedicated coach for 8 and under, there is plenty of attention provided to each individual for their growth. The coaching ranges from cardio, flexibility, fitness and cricket skills. The goal for is to create a better athlete with cricketing skills. The competition is to be a "better version of yourself" through each session. Drills and exercises are developed to meet the needs of the participants. The drills and exercises are developed via a collaboration of national and international coaches from all over the world that share their knowledge.


Monday: 5:55pm – 7:45pm

Location: Reindahl Park, Madison ((

Items to complete before the first session

· Everyone needs to complete and sign the YCW Participant Waivers form. Please complete and email if you joined recently. Please bring hard copy of first session.

· Payment information for the sessions and T-shirt. Paypal / CashApp # 262 394 6867

Items of note from the coach:

· Kids and Parent Commitment is expected.

· To begin with, we will continue these sessions on Monday.

· We will get subsidized shirts for the participants and parents. Cost is $20 each. Sizes in chart below. Please ensure sheet is correct. You can order as many as you like. Uniformity brings belonging and identity for cricket.

· Equipment - personal equipment helps focus on individual growth, prevention of spread of germs/allergies. For immersion level, correct size bat is required. For Nxlevel and above, full kit is required.

· Volunteers, please invest the time to get trained so that we have homogenized approach to the cricket experience for the kids. This requires your time donation. I will tell you from experience that the most satisfying feeling for me.

Our goal is to grow the program by engaging local youth at 6+ age groups. As the skill level of the individual increases, we would like to promote the local talent statewide and nationally through participation in tournaments and events.

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