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Little guys go big in nationals @ YCW

First time in the history of youth cricket in Wisconsin, two of our athletes will be participating in national cricket tournaments! We are proud to announce Karan and Rohit (last names withheld) will be representing the Midwest teams in the Cupertino, CA and Dallas, TX tournaments over the 4th July Holidays!

Karan who is only 9 has been with the YCW program since the beginning. His nick name "death bowler" due to his consistency during bowling in the death overs has brought him great success. Even at the young age, Karan is self disciplined to have a regular practice routine at home. Having played most of his cricket in Wisconsin, the heat wave in July is his parents biggest "concern" for their baby!

Rohit who just turned 11 will be playing with the U13 team! Nick named "Little Dhoni", Rohit loves his cricket. With Dhoni as his role model, and his bat "Quick Silver" he would like to make his mark in cricket. Having a 99% attendance record at YCW since its beginning in 2019, Rohit gives his heart and body to getting better at the sport. The Dallas heat is going to be a challenge for the Wisconsin boy, but we can expect him to show perseverance and learn through this journey.

We wish both the young athletes the best in their success.

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