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COVID COVID go away, little Johnny wants to play... CRICKET!

We are kicking off our 2021 season with indoor cricket at #youthcricketwi. With a updated coaching schedule, inclusion of #NxLevel advanced sessions and explosive indoor games, there is something in 2021 for Wisconsin cricketers.

With Wisconsin weather limiting outdoor cricket to summer months, we have to move indoors. The harsh cold months makes it hard to have physical activities. Complexed with #covid19 #pandamic, the opportunities for #cricket has shrunk to rare occurrences. This has been overcome in Wisconsin with local indoor facility partnerships. With its own #ycwstore for cricket equipment, there is everything we need for cricket!

The #youthcricketwi partnered with #uihleinsoccerpark and #sluggersbatting to provide weather conducive cricket. All planned events are open to YCW members as well as drop in guests. Sessions are planned for beginners on Sat at 10 am and #NxLevel at 11 am.

The batting cages integrate #stancebeam technology to analyze batting posture and swing. The #videoreview helps with analysis of review of footwork.

Membership is open to all to benefit from low rates and proceeds go towards the YCW #nonprofit.

We are excited about the upcoming events. Make sure you check out the calendar for engaging with us!

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