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2021 Wisconsin Cricket COVID comeback

The comeback year of cricket in Wisconsin was unpredictable but fruitful. Restoring the level of pre-pandemic engagement and reaching new milestones was a pat on the back for the athletes and organization. As in any small business, there were specific challenges - overcoming the lack of donations, gathering for practices, and uncertainty about upcoming plans, which rocked the comeback.


Mission 2022 status and update:

In 2019 we had set out for goals to achieve by 2022. As we begin 2022, we want to reflect on the realistic view of where we stand for each goal. Our sponsors, volunteers and organizers are our key stake holders.

Our Mission is to propagate cricket through education, coaching and playing cricket.

•1000 participants by 2022

With 80+ participants in the programs in 2021, the target of 1000 participants may seem high. However, with the momentum of the returning students who continue to grow with the organization, this is possible. Though 1000 participants is an achievable target over a longer time, the continued engagement from infrastructure providers, volunteers, and committed individuals tends to be our bottleneck. We continue to look for like minded people to join the YCW cause.

Our significant engagement in 2021 was to add Madison as new city for our programs and outreach. Each of our participants stands to receive the benefit of USA Cricket recognition and opportunities.

•Facilities to play cricket consistently

In 2019, we ran programs in the only field made available by Waukesha Rec as per their schedule. We now move into 2022, having created partnerships and agreements that provide year-long access to practice facilities. The partnerships with Milwaukee Rec Dept, Waukesha School District, Uihline Soccer complex, Sluggers Batting cages allows indoor practice during the cold months.

Waukesha Rec Dept,, Madison Cricket league have been instrumental in outdoor field availability.

While these are great partnerships, we continue to be at the mercy of their availability, cost and requirements. In partnership with our sponsor, VACK Group, we are building out indoor location to allow for smaller in-house practice capability. This would provide uninterrupted access to a regular and discounted facility to coach the youth.

•Easy cricket equipment accessibility

Partnerships with US distributors, foreign manufacturers and YCW branded equipment has created, expanded our YCW store. We boast a complete store in the heart of Brookfield, WI. Youth and adults can try the equipment before purchase. With cost based pricing and access to our entire distributor catalog for special items, we having been able to get the equipment to the YCW and non-YCW players! With brands such as SS, MACE, CA, YCW on the store shelves and Kookaburra, MRF, Adidas available for special order, we have created the first TRUE complete full cricket store. As a non-profit, buyers save on taxes and shipping in addition to the special pricing.

To save on cost and help keep high levels of quality for US athletes we have custom manufactured several equipment that allows for passing the savings and quality right to the athlete.

•Engagement of local community youth

Having achieved over 400 (2019), zero (2020) and 1200 (2021) student touches through outreach programs, we feel that this is a great target to achieve. But they say that “Well begun is half done”! Hence, maturing the outreach and converting to participants will allow for the growth of cricket in the communities.

The partnerships with Waukesha Rec Dept, Milwaukee Rec Dept, Brookfield Central High School, Waukesha School District, gets Cricket in front of the local community members. Addition of a program in Madison has been a bonus for the community.

•Friendly games/competitions

Doubling from one local YCW tournament in 2020, to two local YCW tournaments, and two out of state tournament of the YCW participants has been a high-risk, high-reward story in the pandemic.

Collaborating with Uihlein Soccer club, following US, Wisconsin and Milwaukee rules, the first ever INDOOR cricket tournament held had over 60 participants from 6 different teams. This event brought the community out of the lack of cricket in 2020 and ready it for the 2021 season.

Continuing with the parent-child tournament for 2020, we successfully conducted the second YCW Waukesha cup event. With over 80% returning participants for the tournament, the sponsors, supporters, and members of YCW were very excited!

Minnesota Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) invited to YCW Dragons to the first out-of-state tournament. With athletes from 3 cities and varying ages, the YCW Dragons had a scintillating 3rd place finish with every game being decided in the last over!

American Cricket Academy (ACAA) has been a mentoring organization for YCW and had a bilateral tournament late in the year. We conducted a learning tournament with athletes from two states (yeah! we collaborated with Indiana). While the results did not favor YCW, the learnings certainly did! The coaching spirit of the ACAA organizers and team members demonstrated that cricket is meant to be a collaborative and FUN sport.

YCW Dragons is now become a fixture in the local cricket scene. The were proud to support the Peace Cup and make and a debut in Regal Blitz cup. With a team composed of seasoned players and upcoming youth, the athletes really learnt and discovered their strengths!


Gratitude to our Sponsors

All of these wouldn't be possible with the support of key sponsors in big and small ways. We would like to thank them by highlighting their companies.

Integrative Dental Solutions - Holistically minded team of dental practitioners providing high quality natural, biological and cosmetic restorative dentistry.

The VACK Group - Investment company focusing on Real estate, buying, selling, property management and remodeling.

Big Frog Mequon - Partner to YCW for the uniforms and shirts. Discounted pricing for YCW members.

Malkan Solutions - Global consulting company for medical device auditing, training and remediation.

Care4Me Clinics - Direct Primary Care clinic bringing direct access to provider at a low cost by cutting out the middle expenses.

Cafe India - Multiple Bayview locations serving variety of buffet, dining and catering options.

Grieve Law - Top award-winning Wisconsin criminal defense law firm staffed with ex-prosecutors in multiple offices serving clients

Schani Insurance - Insurance agency serving all clients with the most competitive rates. YCW members get a gift card!

Taste of India - Indian food right next to the YCW store with variety of buffet, dining and catering options.

Baudo Group - Over 30 years in the region serving real-estate needs of the community and a close partner to the VACK group.

Advasaf LLC - Contract manufacturing and sterilization company serving the medical devices in US.

Waukesha State Bank - Financial partner to YCW and supporter of the local businesses.



YCW 2021 Batter

Identifying himself as a bowler as the beginning of the season, Vikram provided all the support to the team until his teammates asked him to role model his batting coaching. After a successful opening, he became a upper order fixture for the remainder of the tournaments for the team. Having a strike rate of over 140 across the four tournaments and an average of 42 runs in the tournament MYCA tournament, it is easy to recognize him as the YCW 2021 batsmen!

YCW 2021 Bowler

In his first season after only a few months of formal coaching in the YCW program, Snitik became a more and more confident bowler every game. His approach of improving one bowling aspect at time led to success for his team and himself through the various home and away tournaments. Bagging the best bowler trophy in the YCW Waukesha cup and getting the most wickets across the various tournaments, he is undoubtedly the YCW 2021 bowler.

YCW 2021 WicketKeeper

Attending every YCW coaching session, seeking out learning opportunities through traveling to tournaments in other states, playing any role on the team to learn and play cricket, Rohit has been the best attitude cricketer. MYCA recognized Rohit as the tournament's best wicketkeeper (delayed due to an error but kept a very positive attitude). As the mainstay wicket keeper of the YCW Dragons, the kid with the smile, and the attitude of "we got this", Rohit is YCW 2021 wicketkeeper.


2022 needs to be a year of cricket with fun and community building. We believe that heroes emerge from nowhere, and this community is not short of genuine talents! The athletes, sponsors, volunteers are all hoping to grow the sport and build a cricket welcoming community. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google, Youtube are great ways to show support with a review. Sharing this article and spreading awareness is also a great way to show support.

We welcome your input through our survey to help improve our programs and organization.

If you like to get engaged as a player (youth or adults), please complete the online form so that we can keep you updated.

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